The Kairos


The Kairos automatically winds and securely holds two watches.

Be prepared to stare; the Kairos is undeniably the most elegant way to display any collector's most prized automatic watches. 

The smart motors and ultra-responsive LCD function screen allow users to customise each individual Kairos module to the unique specifications of their automatic watch. 

The collector has the option to change the direction, Turns Per Day (TPD), and highlight their collection with the built-in LED lighting system. 

Featuring an in-built Fingerprint sensor, The Kairos guarantees complete security to the collector. It can be configured to identify multiple fingerprints, so the Kairos can be accessed by family and friends as well.


  • Multi-layer high gloss black lacquer. 
  • Precious Wooden Frame.
  • Black Leather interior and rotors.
  • Chrome finished stands and design accents.
  • Highly Responsive LCD function screen.
  • Complementary Remote Control.
  • Door Sensor - Ensures that all rotors pause automatically in a vertical position when the Winder Door has been opened. 
  • Turns Per Day (TPD)  - Set the exact (TPD) as per the requirements of each unique automatic watch.
  • LED lighting system - Highlights the watches on display.
  • Fingerprint Sensor - Ensure watches are only accessible by the collector.

            Product Weight: 8.5kg
            Product Dimensions: 38 (H) x 18 (W) x 21.5 cm (D)