The Capsule (Tan/Salmon)


The Capsule securely holds three watches, versatile and exceptionally functional.

The Capsule is handmade using high-quality, granulated leather, the independent and detachable holder boasts a powerful shape and structure, which guarantees paramount safety and durability. 

The interior is crafted using velvet with the most distinctive hues, the selected colors of the microfiber highlight the collectors' watches and create a beautiful display. A true pleasure to interact with daily. 

Perfectly designed for home storage and travel, the unique single holder offers versatility and functionality for every occasion.


  • Genuine Tan Leather exterior - Obtained from the finest tanneries.
  • Salmon Velvet microfiber interior -  Protects watches from scratches.
  • Chrome Button Fastening - Matching with the logo detail.
  • Tonal Tan Stitching.
  • Shock-resistant - Designed with a semi-shock resistant structure.
  • Capsule Pod - Unique single Pod allows the collector to care for their daily watch, whether at the office, gym, or poolside.
  • Built-in AirTag slot.*
  • Entirely Handcrafted - Artisans use only the finest materials.
  • Designed to enhance the protection and adoration for each collector's timepieces.

            Product Weight: 0.7kg
            Product Dimensions: 7.5 (H) X 24 (W) x 10.5 (D) cm

*The product does not include an AirTag